Jasmine Ward

Jasmine Ward


Jasmine is a qualified signwriter and graphic designer with a ten year history of industry experience.

She is passionate about visual identity and its function for your business. Jasmine will go that extra mile to make your business stand out from the rest and show your customers what you are about. Because when it comes to your brand, first impressions count!

Beginning as a signwriter and print manager, Jasmine later went onto study her diploma of graphic design to further develop her style and experience. From working in large and small format digital printing, design, media and print advertising she has a full and comprehensive understanding of all aspects involved in making sure your visual identity not only communicates your business image, but also functions flawlessly when it comes to the many ways you may communicate your brand. File formats, kickass design, print setup, branding and identity are her second language; Jasmine’s design work will ensure your business gets noticed.

In addition to working in the printing industry and helping other online retailers develop their visual identity, she also operates the successful online retail business Tiny Wild Collective, offering the softest and most beautiful individually custom printed swaddle blankets.

To discuss your graphic design, logo design or brand identity creation requirements, please contact Jasmine via email: orders@tinywildcollective.com.au