Matthew Cummins

Matthew Cummins


Matthew is a passionate multi-platform retailer with expertise is both online and traditional retail.

Matthew has proven experience in business transformation and is passionate about helping other businesses succeed, with a particular focus on strategy, and on the technology required for efficient selling across multiple marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Catch, your own Website).

Starting in his first retail sales job at age 13, Matthew has since worked in retail, wholesale, local value-add manufacturing and warehousing. His diverse career has included managing a medium scale importing business, including management of a full-time buyer based in China along with a local team. Five years ago retail lured him back in, where at Cycle Station he is Operations Manager & Head of Online Retail at a diversified business involved in traditional retail, hospitality and online retail.

In addition to his industry experience, Matthew’s University degrees in Management, Marketing & IT have assisted him with a range of skills, most notably the ability to help people to think about the “why” of decisions, not just the “how”. Matthew firmly believes that stepping back and getting your¬†strategy right will result in a stronger business than going flat out without making sure it’s in the right direction.

Matthew has operated a small web development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and web marketing business for nearly ten years. With the launch of Retail Revolution in mid 2018, he is excited to be able to assist small business people to grow their businesses into everything they can be.

Matthew can be contacted via email: