Calliope Sofianopoulos

Calliope Sofianopoulos


Calli helps newbies create brands, source products and get them listed on Amazon, their own websites, and on other 3rd party marketplaces.

The nitty gritty of eCommerce can be tough, and many people stop their online journey before it’s begun. Whether you need to create your first listing on Amazon, protect your brand, or take it to the next level, Calli can help.

Calli owns and operates Gassani Accessories, a leading brand of men’s neckwear and accessories.

From starting a home business on the side, to creating a brand and selling her products online, Calli is now helping other sellers get their products on Amazon and on other marketplaces. Private Label Australia came about when more and more Facebook users were asking questions that could not be answered by the experts themselves. Importing and exporting, trademarks, listings, barcodes and all the nitty gritty of running an online business for the first time can be very overwhelming! Couple that with complicated technology and websites, and many people stop their eCommerce journey before they even begin. Calli is here to tell you that you are not alone! She had the same questions, and is here to help you navigate your way around the business.

Amazon is in Australia and it’s here to stay. It has already disrupted the eCommerce Industry in the last year and is set to disrupt it even more with Prime membership going live in late 2018. If you are starting a side hustle that you want to build exponentially, the sky’s the limit when it comes to building a brand on and off Amazon. If you already have a brand or product in Australia that is selling, this is the time to go global. If you are already selling on your own website, this is the time to take advantage of Marketplace selling. It’s a great time for eCommerce!

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